7 Advantages of Widya Wicara Text to Speech

Why do you have to choose Widya Wicara Text to Speech  instead of looking for another text to speech brand? Here, let us show you the 7 advantages of Widya Wicara Text to Speech , so that your hesitation could go away!

  1. Custom Voice

    Text to Speech Widya Wicara provides various interesting features, including a custom voice. You can choose the type of sound or tone that suits your needs.

  2. Knowing Punctuation

    Widya Wicara’s Text to Speech product is also able to know punctuation marks, such as commas, periods, question marks and other punctuation marks. By recognizing punctuation, knowing when to take a pause, when to stop or the pronunciation of interrogative sentences, text to speech will be more natural.

  3. Abbreviation and Acronym

    Widya Wicara’s Text to Speech is based on artificial intelligence, which makes TTS so smart it can even recognize abbreviations and acronyms.

  4. Reading Numbers
    Widya Wicara Text to Speech  can convert any text into sound, even numbers. Its technology can read a series of numbers such as dates or telephone numbers in your documents, texts, articles or news correctly.Read: 7 Kelebihan Text to Speech Widya Wicara, Kamu Harus Tahu! 
  5. Natural Voice

    Another thing Widya Wicara Text to Speech  could give you is its natural voice. Unlike robot voices, a natural voice which sounds more like human will make people who interact with text to speech technology feel more comfortable.

  6. Good Pronunciation and Tone

    Widya Wicara Text to Speech  has a good and clear pronunciation. The tone of its voice is comfortable to hear and has an accurate articulation. It will make you think that you are listening to a human voice, not a text conversion machine.

  7. Available in Indonesian and English

    Even though Widya Wicara’s Text to Speech is an Indonesian product, this text to speech is available in two languages, Indonesian and English. If you need Indonesian or English voice over talent, you can use Widya’s text to speech voice.

Those are 7 advantages of Widya Wicara Tex to Speech. You can try Widya Wicara Text to Speech on https://widyawicara.com/tts/ for free now! Make your content more sophisticated using Widya Wicara Text to Speech.

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