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Speech to Text is a technology based on artificial intelligence that is able to convert voice into text. With this technology, you no longer need to take notes or type manually for what people said, because with just a click, the voice will be automatically transcribed into text by using speech to text. It also doesn’t need a lot of additional equipment and can be done whenever you want. Because of its ease and intelligence, speech to text is widely implemented in people’s lives. Such as business, company, education and so on. These are several lists of speech to text tools that you can choose to ease your transcribe agenda!


  1. Speechnotes

Speechnotes is a user-friendly automatic transcription tool because users don’t need to download or register first. This online speech to text can be used for all devices that have Google Chrome and a microphone.

  1. Microsoft Dictate

Microsoft Dictate is a speech to text software created by Microsoft Garage with good transcription capabilities. Microsoft Dictate can only work for Windows devices with at least Windows OS version 8.1.

  1. Converse Smartly

Converse Smartly is a speech to text supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) which will help users in taking notes automatically.

  1. Otter

Another smart speech to text that will simplify the work of a note taker in making meeting minutes, namely Otter. This automatic note-taking technology can be used for both Android and iOS.

  1. Temi

This speech to text tool called Temi can be used to transcribe both audio and video into writing in a short time. The transcription file can also be saved in MS Word or PDF format.

  1. Speech Texter

Another speech to text that you can take into consideration is Speech Texter. Speech Texter supports various languages ​​so it is suitable for use by people from various countries.

  1. Dragons Anywhere

For you Android or iOS device users, you can use the Dragon Anywhere speech to text application which is equipped with the dictation feature and can be synchronized with cloud services to help your note-taking activities.

  1. E-Dictate App

E-Dictate is an automatic transcription app only for Android users. But don’t worry, for those of you who need E-Dictate for your computer or laptop, you can just come here.

  1. Widya Wicara Speech to Text 

Widya Wicara Speech to Text is an Indonesian product based on speech to text technology supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). Besides being able to be used by various groups ranging from personal needs, offices, transcribers, students, journalists, bloggers, podcasters, etc, Widya Wicara Speech to Text also have several benefits:

  • Accurately convert audio to text. With the support of AI and NLP, Widya Wicara Speech to Text is able to recognize, analyze and convert human voice (audio) into text accurately and in a short time.
  • Save the transcription document. After the transcription is complete, you can directly save the transcription document to your computer and use it according to your needs.
  • Able to analyze Indonesian speech even with regional access. What if the speaker has regional accents such as medok accents, Sundanese accents, ngapak accents or other accents? Don’t worry, Widya Wicara Speech to Text can still analyze and transcribe it well, really. Very cool!
  • Can be integrated with Google Chrome and Google Meet. Widya Wicara Speech to Text can also be integrated with Google Meet which will make your online meeting minutes as easy as snapping your fingers. Like this, how to install the Widya Wicara Speech to Text extension on Google Chrome.

Using Widya Wicara Speech to Text makes transcription easier, work becomes more effective and efficient! No need for multitasking that makes your head dizzy. Just activate the tools and you can take part in meetings or lessons calmly.

How? Interested and want to prove how accurate and fast this Indonesian speech to text works? Go visit!



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