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What is Speech to Text?

Talking about technology is endless. All aspects of human life today have been integrated with technology itself. Like buying food, for example. Many people today choose restaurants based on recommendations from cyberspace. When looking for a place to eat, they follow directions from technology, no need to ask people around again.

For people who are super busy who can’t even leave their jobs for a while, of course they will prefer ordering food via online applications rather than spending energy and time going to their favorite places to eat. It doesn’t take long, food will come without the need to set aside time to leave the workplace.

Efficiency offered by this technology is never kidding. Millennials and Gen Z really like this efficiency because it can make them more productive and use their time effectively.

However, there are still millennials and gen z who do not know and use one of the latest technologies that can facilitate work and increase efficiency in all aspects of life. This technology is called Speech to Text.

Advantages of Using Speech to Text

These are five advantages you’ll get when you use speech to text technology to run your tasks!

1. Speech to Text is CHEAP

Let’s apply it to an interview transcript. When the speaker gives a long explanation quickly, the minutes can miss a lot of important material to write. Therefore, several minutes are needed to complement each other’s data.

In fact, the cost to bring in one note is already large, especially if there are many? In contrast to STT, which is available in the form of a single platform/application. STT users can get a complete transcript and a much cheaper price.

2. Speech to Text is FAST

STT technology is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) which allows software/applications to work quickly without having to go through a long process by a programmer. Using STT to convert audio recordings to text won’t take long, it can be seconds to minutes. Meanwhile, if you use a transcription service, it could be that one 2-hour recording can be done in more than two days.

3. Speech to Text is CONVENIENT

Who says using speech to text must have programmer-style coding skills? You don’t need to understand the IT world just to use it. Just install the application/software, then just upload the recording there. Very comfortable and practical!

4. Speech to Text is EFFECTIVE

Multitasking is something that is natural and is done by millennials and gen z people. By using STT, now you can also become a transcriptor while doing other activities. Meeting minutes are neater, interview transcripts are more complete, and you can prepare new strategies to increase business sales. Effectiveness can increase productivity!

5. Speech to Text is ADVANCED

If you’re a business owner and you don’t know anything about the latest technology, then customers might go looking for a rival product. Because the sophistication of STT is not only for your internal business, but also to provide the best service for customers. STT derivative products can improve user experience and make customers more loyal.


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