AI-Based Meeting Note-Taking:

Summarize and Analyze Meetings Quickly and Accurately

No longer need to spend time focusing on recording meetings manually, Widya Wicara comes with an automatic note-taking solution based on artificial intelligence

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Transform Meeting Results Into Useful Text

AI Summarizer

Automated note taking can analyze and summarize meeting transcripts, more efficient than manual summaries by noting important details and identifying key words for transcript accuracy.

Transcript Faster & Better

Optimize the speed of meeting transcripts with typing capabilities voice to text conversion 45 times faster than manual note-taking.

Unify your Meeting

Meeting integration that can record real-time meetings from Zoom and Google Meet, as well as audio files that can be uploaded later.

Transform Your Meetings with AI Technology

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we are able to convert your meeting audio files into text automatically. This means no more manually recording every word spoken in your meetings.

In-Depth Analysis of Your Meeting Results

We not only produce text and transcripts from your meetings, but also perform in-depth analysis to highlight key points and valuable insights. This helps you understand the progress of the meeting better.

Meeting channel with AI bot

Multilingual communications can be translated online automatically by AI bots integrated into Zoom and Google Meet. AI bots can simplify the meeting process, increase productivity, and enhance the overall meeting collaboration experience.

Find your meeting points using different approaches

We provide support with various features designed to help you better understand your meeting.

Protect your data with enterprise-grade security

We make sure your data is in the right regulations

SOC 2 Type II




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We allow you to customize meeting transcripts according to your needs.