Why Is Text to Speech Important for Content Creators?

Living in the social media world has made many people, especially young folk, see content creation as a new career path. The thing is, being a content creator is not as easy as they seem. You need to be consistent and cultivate various skills (be it hard skills or soft skills) to succeed at that.

If you want to be a long-run content creator, you need to have the ability to produce not only good content but also fresh, relatable, as well as unique. But, how to make your content unique or different from the other? Or how to attract a larger audience? You might not know the secret tool that can be the answer, and it’s called text-to-speech.


What Is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-speech is a text-to-audio conversion tool that can convert written text into audio format within a couple of seconds. This technology is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (NL).

How does it work?

Text-to-speech (TTS) works on nearly every digital device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. You can download this app to your device or simply use TTS web. 

You can change any text into audio in an instant. You, your text (or sometimes an image), and the text-to-speech tool. No need for a bunch of equipment or people involved. TTS can turn a whole complicated recording process into nothing. How amazing it is!


Text to Speech Essential Features

Sahabat Widya might be wondering, can all content creators use text-to-speech? Or is this limited to audio-video content only? The answer is no. Even writers can take advantage of this technology to provide audio content for those who struggle with reading.

Let’s take a look closer at the text-to-speech essential feature.

1. Pronunciation

Pronunciation accuracy is the key for text-to-speech to sound like a native speaker. The better the pronunciation, the better outcome you can get. You don’t want a voice recording that sounds like it’s just coming out from a machine, do you?

2. Voice choices

Text-to-speech gives you various voices and tones that you can easily choose. Voice choices might include a girl, a boy, a grown woman, and also a grown man.

3. Voice quality

Text-to-speech can produce a high-quality voice recording that you can use however you want. Maybe as a voice-over or narrator for youtube content, podcast, or audiobook.

4. Language choices

TTS also supports various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, etc. Bahasa Indonesia? Yup! These days, technology companies have already developed text-to-speech Bahasa Indonesia like Text-to-Speech Widya Wicara.


Why Text to Speech Important for Content Creators?

Text-to-speech is one of the best tools that every content creator all over the world needs now. This technology can make your work faster, easier, and more effective—no more time-wasting.

A bunch of benefits you can get if you apply this technology are:

  • Help you improve the quality of your audio recording
  • Make your content stand out more
  • Create an audio version of your content
  • Quickly produce and edit anytime and anywhere
  • Attract your audience because text to speech’s voice is unique in their own way
  • Reach more audience, especially people with visual impairment
  • Accessible for people who struggle with reading
  • Save money and time. Cause you only need TTS to wrap up all your recording session

So, why is it important? Besides its various benefits as Widya already told you above, text-to-speech is becoming a way for content creators to keep up with technology’s latest trends. Even TikTok has already added text to speech as a feature for their app.

One of the soft skills that a content creator needs to cultivate is adaptability to situations, environments, people, or technology. Because you can never predict what situation you will be in or how fast the technology will push you through. 


So, what do you think about text-to-speech? Interesting tool, isn’t it? For those who already plan to use this technology, you can also add Text to Speech Widya Wicara to your wishlist.

Why should you consider this product? Text-to-Speech Widya Wicara is a text-to-speech Bahasa Indonesia that allows you to read any written text aloud. It can even read acronyms, read numbers, and recognize punctuation.

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