5 Benefits of Using Text to Speech for Content Creators

There is a long process to make a single piece of content, but people barely know that. The production process itself needs a lot of time and cost. We can use a movie review video making as an example.  

For one short video, we should at least watch the movie first, make a script, then make the video. Narrative videos are often chosen for movie review, and we need to record the narrative audio or hire some voice actors by ourselves.  

Hiring a voice-over actor could cost around $50-$1000 (or Rp 50.000-Rp. 10.000.000). And for the small creators or the beginner, it can be a small budget just for a video.


The AI-Solution For Content Creator

You shouldn’t worry about your narrative audio budget anymore because we will always have innovative solutions in this digital era. In this case, we can use a software called Text-To-Speech as the substitute for voice recording or voice-over actor.


What Is Text-To-Speech

It is an AI-based speech synthesis software that can convert narrative text into spoken audio. Text-to-speech is not a brand new technology. It’s usually used as assistive technology for kids with reading issues and visually impaired people. It’s also known as “read-a-loud” technology. 

But nowadays, text-to-speech not only helps people to read their books but is also relevant for creating content. There are a lot of text-to-speech advantages when you use it for your content. Just look at this list:

Why Is It Relevant For Content Creator

  1. Higher Audio Quality

When you record your narrative audio by yourself, there is no assurance that the result does have good quality. Especially when you record it with limited equipment. The result may still have noises or other interruptions. By using text-to-speech, you won’t meet those problems because it can produce audio with a cleaner sound and nicer voice.

  1. Minimize Production Cost and Time

This one is the ultimate advantage you get when using text-to-speech instead of voice-over. It can cost up to $50 per minute of audio if you record it personally and cost up to $500 only to hire voice-over talent, and that doesn’t include the recording fee yet. 

But with text-to-speech, you don’t have to spend that much. Just with a single payment, you can use the technology multiple times. Then you can allocate the narrative budget to maximize other needs. 

Not just the production cost, text-to-speech also saves more time. Because you can simply produce the narrative audio with just typing on your screen, then one click, one job is done.   

  1. Reach More People

Using text to speech or narrative audio for your content can increase your traffic and help people with reading issues and the visually impaired simultaneously. You will see how your page will reach more people than before.

  1. New Audience Experience

Better quality audio has a direct impact on your content quality. You can simply put text-to-speech into your page to read aloud your content. Besides being helpful, adding text-to-speech audio to your content brings a new experience for your audience.

  1. Easy To Use

Using text-to-speech as your narrator, you don’t need to prepare recording equipment or a studio. You can just type your narrative text and click once then the audio you want is already done. 

Also, it’s easier on the editing process too. When you find a mistake in your script, you don’t need to re-record your narrative audio manually. You only need to re-type it and text-to-speech will change the audio the way you want it. It’s as easy as that.



There are so many text-to-speech or speech synthesis technologies on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them have enough quality and functionality to match what creators need for their content. But, Widya makes sure creators will be glad to be introduced to Text-To-Speech Widya Wicara.

Text-To-Speech Widya Wicara offers you the greatest experience with the cleanest audio and natural voice that makes your narrative audio won’t sound like a robot. Text-To-Speech Widya is available in Bahasa and English. You can also try the demo. Click here.

If you want to know more information, visit www.widyawicara.com.

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