How Text to Speech Helps Students?

Education is essential for human beings. Through education, humans can develop critical thinking skills and learn how to socialize and communicate with others by practicing speaking, reading, and writing. Also, students will get to know any other skills that can help them in the future.

Usually, the teacher uses educational tools or props to help the students study in the teaching and learning process. For example, the teacher may use props such as flashcards, maps, dice, globes, puzzles, storybooks, or more technology-ish props like text-to-speech.


How Text-to-Speech Helps Students?

Nowadays, text to speech is not only meant to assist disabled people but also whoever may need it. For instance, a content creator, business person, teacher, student, etc. So, how does text-to-speech help students? Widya will tell you down below!

  • Increase Student’s Vocabulary

Text-to-speech is a helpful tool to increase the student’s vocabulary development. Furthermore, a researcher called Jennifer Keelor and Sarah Wood found that people will develop their vocabulary better through reading.

A study from the Adnan Menderes University of Turkey shows that students can also improve their vocabulary with listening training. So, where can you get reading and listening training altogether? Text to speech, of course!

Using text-to-speech makes students read the text and hear them being read aloud simultaneously. So they can imitate how to pronounce the word and memorize it better.

  • Assist Students With Disabilities

Kids with disabilities need special treatment and equipment to be able to follow the lesson perfectly. Therefore, using the help of text-to-speech is very important because it will help them catch up and not be left behind in the class. 

Text-to-speech will be an excellent help, especially for blind students so that they can hear every word being read aloud clearly. In short, text-to-speech opens up a new path for disabled students to access the lesson and information they need.

  • Rise Their Reading Interest

For some students, sitting down while reading a book might be boring. To avoid that, the teachers can introduce them to a book with text-to-speech technology. Reading will be amusing and no longer boring with ‘the talking book.’ You should try and see for yourself how text-to-speech affects your students.

  • Help Students to Memorize, Read, Write, and Speak

Text to speech can also help students with dyslexia or those who struggle with learning or speaking. How? This user-friendly technology will increase and develop the student’s ability to read, write, and speak, by showing them how the word is written, how it spells, and how to pronounce it correctly. Therefore, students can imitate it quickly and perfectly afterward.

Is there any scientific proof? Research from Barcelona University shows that text-to-speech is indeed a helpful tool to increase memorization by 25.2% and reading comprehension by 24.5%.

  • As a Tool for E-Learning and to Support Students With Auditory Type of Learning

E-learning has become one of the best and most popular learning channels during the pandemic as a new study solution. However, for the e-learning system to go smoothly, it needs innovative tools such as text-to-speech. 

Text to speech can help students convert their written study material to audio form. This way, the student who is an auditory learner (learns by listening) or has a reading struggle can study well.

  • Make Learning Foreign Language Easy

Learning a new language requires a lot of work. To be considered fluent, students need four basic language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. To master that, they will need a lot of practice.

The Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology study shows that the digital vocabulary spelling material can help students strengthen and develop their spelling ability. That’s why text-to-speech will be the perfect example and companion for students who learn foreign languages to understand and imitate the way native speakers speak.

Text to speech is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). This technology can help TTS produce a native-sounded voice with good articulation, pronunciation, and tone. 


Text-to-Speech Widya Wicara for Your Educational Needs

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  • There are multiple-choice voice tones and voice characters that you can choose.
  • This product can read numbers, acronyms, and punctuation as well

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