Get to Know Widya Wicara Text to Speech, Your Voice-over Alternative

Indonesia’s local start-up, PT Widya Informasi Nusantara or Widya Wicara, will never stop helping local industries with their innovative technologies. In 2021 Widya Wicara just released a product that allows people to automate their text into speech. 

Following their former artificial intelligence-based technology product, chatbot, and smart speaker, this one may also help people be more productive and expand their small businesses.

Text-To-Speech Widya Wicara (TTS Widya Wicara) is a high-tech artificial intelligence speech synthesis that can convert your written text into spoken audio.  TTS Widya Wicara also adopted a Natural Language Processing algorithm system capable of making the output sounds natural like a human being.


How does text-to-speech work?

Widya Wicara developed an automatic text-to-speech system that lets you receive the output a second after. You just need to type your text in the text box and then press click to process it. As easy as that.

Text-to-speech is often called a voice computing system that needs various voice record data to be converted into phoneme, which is the basic form of speech that insists on voice codes like phoneme, duration, and pitch. Then, after text-to-speech receives and reads the data, the system will convert phonemes into speech and make it sound like a native speaker’s spoken language.


What is text-to-speech used for?

As text-to-speech (TTS) becomes a more accessible technology, now TTS is being used in many different fields on different platforms and also on various devices. TTS helps society and businesses to ease the internet experience. For examples:

  1. Voice Over Substitute

People’s interest in narrative-based content videos has recently increased, especially on short video platforms. It goes so well for storytelling content, educational video, or tutorials.  

But, the problem is recording voice-over by ourselves takes a lot of time and spends a lot of money, and it even takes more money if we decide to hire a voice-over talent. So, that’s why TTS becomes a smart and efficient substitute for your content’s voice-over. And the best part is you can do your voice-over anytime and anywhere with TTS.


  1. Helps Early Learners and Disables

TTS was also known as ‘read-a-loud’ assistive technology for a long time. This technology helps the early-stage learners, visually impaired, and disabled people to read in many activities. Such as reading books, studying, and getting information in the public service. TTS also helps foreigners speak in local’s language to communicate with the locals whenever they go aboard.


  1. Support The Education Process

Every person has a different learning style, one of them is a recent learning model that uses various presentations. This type of learning lets students retain more materials presented in audio, visual, or audio-visual formats. 

Text-To-Speech participated as an automatic proofreader or voice-over for the class module. In short, TTS is used as a supporting technology in the education process.  


  1. Increased Number Of Customer Experience

In the next five years, most customer service channels will be 100% using AI Technologies. We no longer contact ‘real humans’ for help. Many companies will use AI-based technology or give the customer a self-help guide that we can reach on the website. 

TTS also gets a part for customer service. Most elder and disabled people have difficulty reading self-help, and TTS can alleviate this issue for them. With a simply good service performance, your customer experience would significantly be increased.


  1. Solutions For Reader’s Health

In this high-tech era, everything is digitalized, even books. But did you know that exposure to blue light, especially at night, has severe health effects? 

The more we strain our eyes on the screen, the more we suffer from sensitivity to blue light. To avoid the worst scenario, TTS can be the solution to be an automatic audiobook for readers.



There are more benefits of TTS Widya Wicara that can be the reasons why you should use it. Besides the natural voice output, TTS Widya Wicara also has many useful features, such as custom voice features that allow you to choose or customize your own voice.

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