Voicebot and Its Benefit for Customer Service


Have you ever heard the voice of a female guide when using Google Maps? Or Siri’s voice that is always ready to execute commands?

These voices sound like real human voices, don’t they? In fact, the voice is the voice of a robot programmed to voice text with AI (artificial intelligence) technology, you know. This technology is known as a voicebot.

Voicebot is a product of the combined technology of STT (Speech to Text) and TTS (Text to Speech). When there is a question or voice command from the user, STT technology will convert the voice data into text. Then, it will be translated back into a programming language and processed to produce data in the form of text answers.

To make the voicebot able to answer user questions using voice, the processed answer text is changed by TTS technology. Voicebot will give a response in the form of voice, according to what is asked or ordered.

Indeed, there are quite a number of processes that occur, but thanks to the sophistication of artificial intelligence, these long processes can be completed very quickly in seconds, so that users can dialogue with voicebots as smoothly as talking to humans.


Benefits of Voicebot for Customer Service

  1. Support various needs

The use of voicebots can support many aspects such as Voice Assistant, Outbound Reminder, News Reading, Voice Ebook, and IoT Voice Technology. Voicebot is also increasingly popular because it is used by global platforms.

The reason is quite simple, because voice conversations are very effective, easy, and fast for people who have a lot of busyness like today. Users only need to activate the voicebot via voice, then all orders and questions will be served on the spot. This is also one of the reasons why the CS voicebot is very popular with customers.


  1. Disability Friendly

There are various types of people on this earth. However, no human is perfect. Fortunately, technology helps these human imperfections in carrying out daily activities. One technology that helps people with disabilities is the voicebot.

This technology has proven to be a solution for the blind to do/get an answer to something. In addition, technology-blind parents will also be helped because they do not have to learn technology just to get what they want.

  1. Data integration

Why do voicebot conversations flow as well as conversations with humans? This is because the conversation is recorded in a “journey” whose data will continue to grow if you are often invited to talk. The Voicebot will study the behavior, preferences, and traits of the person speaking to it. Then, they will give the answer according to what they want.

With this good journey, the database will be integrated more quickly and precisely. CS can also find out what customers want with the company’s products. With this data, companies can process it to provide even better products/services.

  1. Efficiency and Realtime

Parents and disabled people often get confused when sending messages, so chatbots are less effective for them. Likewise, millennials are super busy, don’t have much time to write messages while working.

Although chatbots are sufficient to reach customers more broadly and effectively serve at the same time, voicebots provide a better experience. Voicebot extends reach to people who find it difficult to use the latest technology, such as the elderly, disabled, and people who are too busy.

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